Mail Invoicing

Billprint produce invoices, reminder notices, welcome letters, letters of demand, statements and all billing communication every business day and lodge with Australia Post.

We have an unrivalled reputation for 100% accuracy in our billing because of our 33 step verification process where we identify potential errors and eliminate the risk to our billing.

Colour options

We produce full colour in your billing in one or two methods:

Offset Bulk production

Bulk offset printing requires that we produce a minimum of 5,000 of your front page "shell". This is the information that is generic such as your logo and any shaded boxes. This volume is the entry point to having significant discounts to your colour production. Higher volumes means higher discounts.

We use UV (ultra violet) offset printing, we trim then box up and store your stock on our shelving free of charge. When stock is running low we will notify you well in advance so you will never run out.

Digital short run

Digital short run colour is fantastic for highly personalised front pages on invoices of where design, colours, logos or other imagery changes month to month.

Insertion options

Billprint operate electronic intelligent document inserters. These machines have the capacity to undertake the following:

  • Insert 9 sheets of paper into a standard DLX 120mm x 235mm envelope
  • Collate, fold and envelope insert in one process 
  • Insert up to an additional 6 DL sized components 
  • Separate large and small volume bills
  • Measurement of double feeds controlled by ultra sonic sensor
  • Track the movement of individual invoices in insertion process

Fitted with 6 independent sensors, these inserters constantly monitor the movement of every single sheet of a billing batch to ensure correct processing. If a variation is identified, the machinery will cut processing requiring a three step investigation before being able to be restarted.

Branding and streams

Billprint are experts at assisting organisations who handle multiple brands and also those who white label their services to other organisations. We are able to keep tight controls that include:

  • Receipt of multiple data streams
  • Receipt of singular data files requiring separation into separate streams 
  • Printing and storage of separate brands 
  • Digital imaging of separate brands 
  • Printing, storage and insertion into individually branded envelopes 

After 15 years of processing hundreds of brands for multiple sources, we hold a water tight reputation for strict confidentiality. We are consciously aware of the critical and sensitive information that we handle. As documented in our privacy statement:

  • Billprint never shares your organisation's or your personal information
  • Billprint never shares, rents or sells any data supplied to us directly or received through any third party
  • Billprint and its staff will never discuss your brand, business strategy of any information relating to your business operation with any source

You can be confident of our commitment to building your brand's success.

Document handling

Billprint have identified 33 potential errors in the billing process from receipt of data through to lodgement at Australia Post. By being vigilant of what could go wrong we have maintained a mindset of never assuming. 

Some of the processes that we undertake to maintain control include:

  • Two person verification at every stage of billing
  • Maintaining a 'sterile' environment where residual materials are removed before commencing a new assignment 
  • Independent review and sign-off process
  • Creation of audit files for verification and accounts payable purposes
  • Reducing printed masses into smaller batches to match against audit files and allow for quarantining and verification if required
  • Our own Management information system to ensure continuity of electronically stored information
  • Mail being lodged directly to clients account giving independence to clients protected by Australia Post's Revenue Protection Division
  • Ongoing research and development of new products and techniques outside of live client billing

Mail postage discounts

We work to maximise all available postage discounts available for your particular mailout.

Some of the methods we use include:

  • Clean Mail
  • DPID barcoding
  • BSP postal sorting
  • Use of priority or regular services