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Billprint uses inkjetting for the addressing of envelopes or flysheet used in plastic wrapping. It is a fast and very cost effective way of getting your customers names and address details printed and prepared for mail processing.

Inkjetting sprays a thin coating of fast drying ink onto a paper surface to ensure there is no smudge. 

To prepare for inkjetting we accept your data, verify its integrity and then compare your customers addresses against a listing of Australian known addresses that that has been stored in Australia Post accredited software. When we find a match we append a postal barcode to your database record. Each barcode is unique and represents a more accurate and cost effective method of moving your mail through the Australia Post postal system.


  • Rapid addressing on your customers' envelopes
  • Addressing from B11 size to C4 size
  • Postal barcoding
  • Printing names and addresses 
  • Inkjetting onto envelopes
  • Inkjetting onto postcards
  • Inkjetting onto flysheets





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