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Variable Data Printing

Billprint Marketing possesses an enormous resource of experience, data tools and in-house scripting that offers an almost unlimited range of outcomes for your data.

We are not limited by data structures or set processes. We can design and build any requirement you can consider.

We understand the needs and the financial and time constraints of small and medium sized businesses. This is our expertise. Why not discuss your next project with us on 03 9574 6566.

As leading data based marketing experts, variable data printing is an integral tool.

There are a number of options with data:

Mail merging - This involves a static document such as a letter with records from a database that are placed into pre-determined locations in the document.

Conditional formatting - Rules are created based on logical calculations. Data is presented and displayed in the mail merge if the calculations are adhered.

Predictive analytics - Historical results are combined with hypothetical expectations for the future. Where the data creates a match, the data is displayed in the document.

Data sharing - Data from multiple sources is combined through relationships based on a common index.

  • All data formats XML, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV
  • Image integration
  • Full coding ability
  • Merging of images based on data 
  • Merging of multiple databases
  • Statements
  • Logical conditioning
  • Data cleansing
  • Postage discount barcoding
  • Australia Post compliant
  • Full colour mail merging
  • Black and white merging
  • Reporting



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