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Billprint has resources to offer a range of fulfilment services.

Pick and pack - We hold your components. As an order is received we collate the items that make up the specific item, package, label and arrange distribution either through Australia Post or an alternative courier service of your choice.

Collation - We receive your items for a bulk order and arrange for the entire shipment to be collated and processed. Commonly, we will then hold the items awaiting dispatch. Showbags are an example of this form of fulfilment.

Stock management - Bulk orders are arranged to our warehouse. We hold the items securely and as required we dispatch the necessary volume. Letterhead and stationery is an example of stock management.

Re-consignment - On occasion we have had stock items that have been packaged to meet a particular market. Changing conditions have meant that the product needs to be repackaged. A specific service is to receive back packages stock, break down and re-collate the items and repackage to satisfy a new demand.

Stock control - Billprint offer a monthly stock reconciliation for all components held in our warehouse.



  • Pick and pack
  • Collation services
  • Secure storage
  • Reconsignment
  • Despatch management
  • Stock control
  • Stock rotation
  • Bulk discount





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