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Envelope Insertion

Direct mail is a highly effective method of communication.

Unlike email, it is physical. That is, when received by the recipient that are forced to make a decision what to do with the item. To keep it, bin it or action it. Unlike email, physical mail cannot be ignored.

It engages. The colours chosen, the type of paper, the touch all collaborate to give information to the recipients sensors. 

Mail is unique. The average person has 2 email accounts and is bombarded with numerous daily emails. Statistics indicate approximately 30% of all emails received are never opened. Mail is akin to one member of your company arriving at your customers' front door and waiting for it to be answered. It is highly interactive.

Billprint Marketing operate a number of specialist inserting machines. These machines can perform selective operations that include:

  • Collating up to 9 sheets of paper into using an integrity barcode on the left hand margin of each sheet, folding the sheets into a roll folded package.
  • Allowing up to 6 items of additional mail be inserted into a standard sized DLX 120mm x 235mm envelope.
  • Checking for any errors during the inserting process and stopping the machines operation until an operator has investigated and removed the faulty document.

Envelopes used

Although a variety of envelopes can be used for the insertion process it is optimal to use:

  • DLX 120mm x 235mm 
  • Lick and stick
  • Banker style 
  • DPID window face (if window face are to be used) or plain face

DLX envelope are the largest of the standard sized envelopes and attract the same postage discounts as applied to slammer DL or DLE sized envelopes.

Billprint can print and supply all of your envelope and printing needs.

  • Intelligent mail insertion
  • Barcode integrity
  • Collate 1 - 9 sheets into each pack
  • Insert additional 6 items into each envelope
  • Sensors to monitor and control processing
  • Selective inserting available
  • Folding and inserting in one process




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