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Plastic Wrapping

Billprint Marketing can arrange plastic wrapping of all of your publications and periodicals.

There are two film formats that we can use

  • Standard
  • Biodegradable

We use large production sitma plastic wrappers to provide a fast and cost effective alternative to large envelope insertion.

Typically the package comprises a flysheet (A4 sized sheet with return address, recipients name and address and the postage insignia) and the magazine. Additional components can be easily inserted between the flysheet and the magazine.

Magazines can be posted in a number of different methods. With some forward planning, significant postage savings can be gained with the correct lodgement category.

  • Cost effective film wrapping of magazines
  • Utilize flysheet for addressing
  • Insert additional items between magazine
  • Standard film
  • Biodegradable film
  • Fast and cost effective
  • Options to reduce postage costs




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