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Postcard marketing is a highly effective method of generating interest. It eliminates the cost of the envelope and some of the other costs associated with the production of a letter based mail piece.

The appeal of postcard marketing is the use of high impact visuals and a shorter tailored message that hones in one particular aspect of your business.

A postcard campaign centres on the creative design of 12 postcards that either tell an ongoing story or introduce 12 elements of your business that would be attractive to a prospect.

Each month a postcard from the series is dispatched to your prospect list. The appeal of this form of campaign is that it is less obtrusive and direct and the prospect feels comfortable in receiving an item of specific interest.

Postcard marketing is ideal for:

  • Invitations - Inviting a prospect or existing customer to a launch without revealing too much of the content.
  • Seasonal releases - Announcing a change in season or style
  • Discount coupon - the postcard can double as an in-store or website voucher or coupon that has been personalized to meet your prospects status.
  • Acquisition campaign - Realizing that some prospects need time in their buying journey, the postcard is a consistent and physical reminder of the reasons to buy.
  • Hi gloss postcards
  • Double sided printing
  • Laminated option
  • Varnish option
  • Fully personalized
  • Postal discounts applied
  • Various sizes
  • Invitations
  • VIP Coupons
  • In-store promotions
  • Website triggers



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