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Welcome Letters

Billprint has a service to receive your daily data of new members or customers and mail out a welcome pack on the same day.

Telecommunication companies benefit from our welcome letter service. It allows for statutory requirements to be met easily and rapidly by sending out a personalized letter and a plan pack or any variation applicable to each business.

We have two methods:

  • Sending us pre-formatted PDF files
  • Sending us raw data for to be inserted into pre-designed templates

Welcome letters can be adapted to meet an unlimited number of communication options. These could include membership renewal forms, receipts, lapsed customers, anniversary notifications. 

Our welcome letters can be designed to be singles pages or multiple document combinations.

  • Same day processing
  • Unlimited combinations
  • PDF or raw data options
  • Colour option
  • Black and white option
  • New customer packs
  • Receipts
  • Renewals
  • Membership confirmation
  • Anniversary reminders
  • No minimum quantities









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