Billing Certainty

We have a unique product called Certainty. 

  • Certainty is not an app. It is a fully responsive framework upon which our billing is built.
  • Certainty is the link that helps you sleep better at night
  • Certainty elevates your customer relations
  • Certainty will improve your health


So, what is it?

In simple terms, Certainty is a system where you receive exactly what you had expected.

It was the foundation of Billprint's early development. We recognized a gap between what technology delivered and what customers needed.

The gap was humanist technology. We set about building a humanist framework that began by establishing core values and recruiting and employing staff that shared the same characteristics.


These qualities included:

  • An inbuilt critical mindset to constantly question.
  • An almost paranoid scrutiny for unforeseen risks
  • Analytical decision making capability
  • Ability to go beyond taking instructions and develop a link between the communicated request of a client and what was actually being asked.


Boutique sizing - We are resource rich but we have a team of billing specialists that are experts in their area of work.

We have risked growth to maintain these credentials. The same people will perform your billing month in month out. We don't swap assignments between staff.  This reveals patterns and anomalies that become easily recognizable to each staff. This is level one of security. 

Level two is running each department independent of the next. The insertion department maintain independent audits to the printing department. The data management department are independent of the customer service department. The scrutiny and auditing belongs to a system of controls that will allow your production to pass only when verification is completed.

Level three is our proprietary technology that has taken 15 years to develop. This is is a series of systems that includes:

  • Secure FTP 
  • Data docking and verification
  • Data algorithm audit
  • Data manipulation
  • Data processing 
  • Output verification
  • Individual sheet measurement using a density sonar 
  • Sheet placement sensors
  • Batch processing summary sheets


Level four of Certainty is our ability to combine all levels of safety in an environment that has understood the billing needs from startups to large established Telco Companies over the last 15 years. We have seen every form of request and expectation. We are critically aware of the the need for product differentiation and creating a point of difference. We bring together these needs and expectations and the day to day requirements to operate at peak efficiency regardless of up the line delays and budgetary constraints. This is where our boutique size becomes powerful. We eliminate the bureaucracy. Need to speak to your programmer? He is available to you. Want to understand inserting? He is a phone call away. This control is a powerful reassurance to allow you to be always on the front foot.