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Telco Billing

Billprint Marketing are experts in telco billing and invoicing.

For 15 years we have developed in-house systems that have been tested and continuously refined.

We deliver a level of service that is exceptional for tier 2 and tier 3 telcos for the following reasons:

  • Our job is to make you look good - This is at the forefront of our daily thinking. We realize that things get delayed, that things are not always as planned at your end. We do our best to make up the shortfall by trying a little harder and being accommodating where we can.
  • A small dedicated team of trained staff - Your assignment will not be shunted to the night shift to fill a gap. The same individual each week or month will work on your job. They will become intimate in looking for patterns and anomalies. You will get consistency every single time.
  • We look at what could go wrong - Inherently our work environment and the staff employed at Billprint have a conservative approach. We constantly assume something could go wrong. This mindset helps us foresee incorrect variations in data files and actively question. We never assume something is correct.
  • Confidentiality - After 15 years of Telco billing we have maintained a wonderful reputation for both white label services to resellers and absolute confidentiality amongst the telco customers overall. 
  • Unrivaled level of accuracy - We are held in very high regard in the telco Industry for our unwavering insistence on accuracy and consistency. We have successfully assisted organizations such as M2 Telecom, Commander, Time Telecom, Smart Business Telecom, Billing Bureau and Utilbill.
  • Capacity -  We have enormous capacity. We never double book assignments. we know a delay could occur and you need flexibility.
  • Mail insertion - We can insert up to 9 sheets with our intelligent inserters and barcode integrity.
  • Email distribution - We have developed the ability to distribute a personalized PDF with a completely personalized email message. No more Dear Sir / Madam. Speak directly to that person by name.

  • 15 years telco billing experience
  • All data formats handled
  • XML experts
  • HTML to PDF
  • Personalized Email + PDF invoice
  • Intelligent mail insertion
  • Capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Friendly accommodating staff
  • In-house tested systems
  • Invoice design service
  • All Australian data house formats supported
  • Welcome letters
  • Reminder notices
  • Stationery printing
  • Colour printing option
  • Black and white option
  • Hybrid colour option
  • Free stationery storage







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