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Email Billing

Personalised email body with Personalised PDF attachment

Billprint processes tens of thousands of email invoices and other financial statements every month.

The following are some points that make Billprint's billing service superior:

Keeping your domain SPAM free

Reverse look-ups are just one of the ways that receiving ISP's can damage your brand. Having one of your invoices marked as SPAM will have an immediate detrimental effect on the ongoing email delivery.

We have developed a series of mechanisms to bypass some of the more frustrating aspects of email billing. Just because an ISP indicates it has received an email does not mean that it will be delivered to a recipient's inbox. This can be a false positive. We ensure that your delivery is error free and we keep your domain out of 'GREY LISTS' and 'BLACK LISTS'.


Customised Invoice design

Your customer's invoice can be personalised without limitation. The layout can be customised to meet your brand's identity and uniqueness.

We drive design from your data file. That means, if the data has been captured then we can use this data by designing scripts that produce calculation results even from the contents of multiple fields.


Personalised email messages

Instead of a customer receiving an email that says:

Dear Customer, Here is your invoice 

We have the ability to address this email to the individual and address all areas of communication cleanly.

"Dear John,

Thank you for being a loyal customer of <specific brand>. Your <insert month> invoice is attached.

The total amount due is <total balance>. We note this is made up of current charges of <current charges> and an overdue value of <outstanding balance>.

We would hate for you to incur late fees of <late fee amount> so we suggest that this amount of <outstanding balance> is paid by <payment date>."

The customer is now being spoken to as a human and not just another number. 

This engages and creates a connection simply by using the existing data. 

People respond more favourably to being recognised for their individuality. This has a direct benefit on collection rates, response times and attendance levels.


Your own secure FTP

We provide you with your own free FTP gateway to allow easy uploading of data files. Your FTP is housed in a secure environment and is protected by a series of firewalls. Our software denies access to anyone other than your nominated IP address and denies unauthorised access attempts.

Your FTP allows you to upload and download your own files without any size limitations, securely and easily and without any access disruption. 

Your secure FTP Gateway is a free service.


Automated sampling

Customers can benefit from our automated sampling system. You upload your sample data file into your secure FTP portal. This will automatically run your brand's individual  billing scripts and produce PDF samples. The automation will produce and email back samples. This system operates without restriction 24 hours a day.

  • Personalized PDF attached to email
  • Can utilize conditional formatting
  • Eliminates sir / madam
  • Include variable data in email body
  • Attach a specific invoice or invitation
  • Automated process
  • Senders email address can be personalized



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